SkyShutter RC Aerial Photography is a new and innovative approach to capturing grand and mesmerizing aerial photography and video.  Our RC aerial helicopter System is portable, mobile flexible, environmentally friendly and powerful.

Our Rc Aerial Photography Systems let’s you create Stunning Aerial Photography and video anywhere your imagination take it!


Skyshutter RC aerial photography provide the tools that will allow you to capture your dream perspective, giving you an edge that will help you leave all competition behind.


Cost Efficient

SkyShutter RC Aerial Photography system is the most cost-efficient way to capture Aerial Photography and Aerial Video.


Environmentally friendly

Our  aerial systems weight less than 30 lbs, while full scales weigh approximately 3,000 lbs; we use much less fuel, making our method much cheaper and environmentally friendly


Why choose SkyShutter?

    • Cost Effective


    • Environmentally Friendly


    • Minimal Noise


    • Short Setup Time


    • Flexible and Maneuverable



SkyShutter RC aerial photography system can fly almost anywhere. Full-scale helicopters are usually not permitted to fly below 500ft in urban areas and not safe to fly in tight areas. In contrast, our Helicam can easily maneuver through a narrow street to chase a car from one foot off the ground to 400 ft up. We’ll leave it up to your imagination.


Minimal Noise

Full-scale helicopters produce jarring noises that can be heard for miles.  These powerful noises make it almost impossible to get permission to film in urban areas. On the other hand, most of our fleets are powered by electric brushless motors that are whisper-quiet. Because it is virtually impossible to pick up the noise from 50 feet away, our methods are perfect for filming in cities.


Setup Time

While full-scale helicopters require a great deal of setup time, our RC aerial photography system requires 10 to 15 minutes of preparation to ensure that mechanics are functioning properly. Since production costs accumulate by the minute, with the time we save you, you can sometimes pay for part if not all of our Aerial Photography service fees.