About SkyShutter RC Aerial Photography

What we are about

We are one of the pioneer in RC Aerial Photography industry, also one of the best. SkyShutter RC aerial photography is a Bicoastal company with office in both San Francisco and New York City, and travels throughout the country and the world, providing top-notch Aerial Photography Service. We specialize in Low Altitude and Close Range Aerial Photography. Simply put, we film where cranes and jibs are out of reach and full-scale helicopters are not permitted, or unsafe to film.

Who we are

SkyShutter was founded by Jason Lam, an established fashion and commercial photographer with over 10 years of experience flying and building rc helicopters and drones. SkyShutter is a team of professional rc pilots and ready for demanding projects. We are the ultimate team for your Aerial Photography and Video needs in San Francisco, New York and all over the world.

What we use

SkyShutter utilizes innovative and powerful
platforms with proven safety records and equipped with gyro-stabilized gimbals to capture mesmerizing visuals every time.